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Killesbergpark with fountains and vineyards rein the background At the center of Stuttgart lies a series of gardens which are popular with families and cyclists. Because of its shape on a map, the locals refer to it as the Green U. The Green U starts with the old Schlossgarten, castle gardens first mentioned in records rein 1350.

The withdrawal of VII Corps caused a large reduction hinein the US military presence hinein the city and region and led to the closure of the majority of US installations hinein and around Stuttgart which resulted hinein the layoff of many local civilians who had been career employees of the US Army.[122]

1 Unlike the mono-city states Berlin and Hamburg, the State of Bremen consists of two cities, thus state and capital are not identical.

There are expansive areas of woodland to the west and south west of Stuttgart which are popular with walkers, families, cyclists and ramblers. The most frequented lakes form a 3 kilometer (1.9 mi) trio made up of the Bärensee, Neuer Weiher and Pfaffensee. The lakes are also used for local water supplies.

The world-famous annual 'Volksfest', originally a traditional agricultural ritterlich which now also hosts beer tents and a French village and is second hinein size only to the Oktoberfest hinein Munich. There is also a Spring festival on the same grounds in April of each year.

The semi-detached homes designed by Le Corbusier, one of the most influential architects of the Twentieth Century, shows the aesthetic, social and technical upheavals of the Moderne.

The Old Castle is also home to the State Museum of Württemberg which was founded in 1862 by William I of Württemberg. The museum traces the rich history of Württemberg with many artifacts from its dukes, counts and kings, as well as earlier remnants dating back to the Stone Age.

The fortunes of Stuttgart turned with those of the House of Württemberg, and they made it the capital of their county, duchy, and kingdom from the 15th century to 1918. Stuttgart prospered despite setbacks rein the Thirty Years' War and devastating air raids by the Allies on the city and its automobile production during World War II. However, by 1952, the city had bounced back and became the major cultural, economic, industrial, financial, tourism and publishing centre it is today.[20]

The Stiftskirche, seen from south-east (Kirchstraße) At the center of Stuttgart lies its main square, Schlossplatz. As well as being the largest square rein Stuttgart, it stands at the crossover point between the city's shopping area, Schlossgarten park which runs down to the river Neckar, Stuttgart's two central castles and major museums and residential areas to the south west.

Eberhard desired to expand the realm his father had built through military action with the aid of the anti-king Henry Raspe IV, Landgrave of Thuringia, but was thwarted by the action of Emperor Rudolph I. Further resistance by Eberhard I against the Emperor's get more info created Vogts and Bailiwicks as well as the newly appointed Duke of Swabia Rudolf II, Duke of Austria, eventually led to armed conflict and initial successes upon Emperor Rudolph I's death hinein 1291 against the Emperor's men. After initially defeating his regional rivals, Henry VII, newly elected as Emperor, decided to take action against Eberhard I rein 1311 during his war with the Free imperial city of Esslingen by ordering his Vogt, Konrad IV von Weinberg, to declare war on Eberhard I. Eberhard I, defeated on the battlefield, lost Stuttgart and his castle (razed in 1311)[37] to Esslingen and the city welches thus managed by the city state from 1312 to 1315.[24] Total destruction of the county welches prevented by Henry VII's death on 24 August 1313 and the elections of Louis IV as King of the Germans and Frederick III as anti-king. Eberhard seized the opportunity granted to him by the political chaos, and recaptured his hometown and birthplace rein 1316,[38] and made much territorial gain. With peace restored at last, Eberhard began repairs and Aufschwung to Stuttgart beginning with the reconstruction of Wirtemberg Castle, ancestral home to the House of Württemberg, rein 1317 and then began Aufschwung of the city's defenses.

Take a journey through more than 130 years of fascinating automotive history – and on into the future. Enter the only place hinein the world capable of documenting the unbroken history of the automobile from its very beginning.

The museum stands on the corner of Schlossplatz, Stuttgart rein a huge glass cube, rein strong contrast to the surrounding traditional architecture.

'The Blues', Stuttgarter Kickers, are the second most important football team; their most successful years date back to the time when young Jürgen Klinsmann started his career as forward hinein their Mannschaft.

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